About Us

Helping customers in the world’s most essential industries solve the biggest challenges of modern life.


We believe in total customer satisfaction as our primary objective! Potentia Group is committed to deliver its customers, global technologies, products and solutions to help achieve their business objectives.

Whenever you aim to make your plant, building or workplace more productive, competitive, healthy, energy efficient and safe. Our team works closely with you to understand the needs and meet your expectation.

Our Vision and mission when set together have made us realize many customer goals to effective reality and have made Potentia a leading solution provider and system integration company of Pakistan.

M. Nadeem Younus


Company Profile

Potentia was founded in 1994 in Pakistan. Soon after its foundation, a world-leading company in controls “HONEYWELL” appointed Potentia as their local distributor.

Later in the late 90s to cover Oil & Gas sector, it wisely diversified its offerings and entered into the Electrical & Safety business with Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Kablewerk Eupen and Detector Electronics Corporations USA and joined hands with ABB, Chevron Philip, Pentair, and other World Renowned Companies at later stages to provide comprehensive Solutions to the industries.

To simplify and segregate its product range for its multiple customers, Potentia transformed into Group of Companies with each of its sub-domain targeting the market ranging from industry to commercial to residential area to individual needs.


To grow Profitable by delighting customer and achieving undisputed Leadership in the industry


To translate the customer need into response

Our Values


We say what we mean and mean what we say. We communicate openly and truthfully.


We get it done. We are responsible, flexile and committed to go above and beyond to provide solutions to our customers.


We respect our team, our customers, and the industry. We believe in collaboration and put our efforts into growing faster and farther together.


We possess the desire to improve. Passionate about what we are doing, we go an extra mile to achieve customer success.


We own what we do. We hold ourselves and others accountable by taking ownership of our work.

Integrated Management System

Potentia is committed to comply the international standards that is why it has made its Engineering domain certified with ISO responsible for the provision of quality engineering Service to protect & conserve the environment, and to protect and promote human health and safety for all inhabitants by implementing & improving high standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 to:


Grow profitable by delighting Customers and achieving undisputed Leadership in industry.


Translate the customer needs into Response by supplying high-quality engineering products and services complying with the relevant standards, always on time.


Striving to eliminate any foreseeable hazard which may result in property damage, accidents, injury, or ill health of employees.


Controlling and preventing pollution to improve its environmental performance and elimination of potential threats.


Ensuring compliance of all applicable legal and other requirements considering concerns of public and other stakeholders in developing and improving its QHSE Management System.


Go Green by Identifying, prevent and minimizing the adverse environmental impacts associated with the operational activities at our premises.


Striving to eliminate any foreseeable hazard which may result in property damage, accidents, injury, or ill health of employees.